32+ Kitchen Cabinets – How To Stain It

32+ kitchen cabinets how to stain it (32)

Staining kitchen cabinets and the way you put together to stain will depend on what you might be beginning.

Are you constructing your cabinets? Are your cabinets unfinished in your store ready to be put? And are your cabinets new and already put in, however, in want of staining? Are you stripping your cabinets, after which re-staining and refinishing them? Or are you going to strive your hand at re-facing?

You’ll put together and stain a bit differently for every one of the above conditions; nevertheless, there are some primary steps and provides, which are common if you find yourself staining kitchen cabinets.

Checklist of Primary Provides You Will Want:

an excellent stain (I like a tremendous oil-based paint, like a Sherwin-Williams oil-based mostly wiping stain)
stirring stick
sandpaper (150 to 320 grit)
noticed horses or workbench to stain on
drop garments/cardboard
cotton rags
carpet items or different software to use stain (the appropriate carpet works effectively to get into these nooks and crannies)
garments/footwear you do not thoughts getting soiled (the color will not come out – it is an excellent suggestion to spend money on a physique apron that you do not ideas getting ruined)
mud masks/respirator face masks
latex or rubber gloves
lacquer thinner or acetone (to take away stain off of the place you don’t need it – like hinges or the ground; if you do not have these, you should utilize fingernail polish remover, most comprise acetone)
effectively-ventilated space to work in
freedom to set wooden to dry

Step #1 – Take away Doorways, Drawers, {Hardware} and Lay Flat

If you’re constructing your cabinets, staining them is solely a step within the construction course. You possibly can spoil everything, and put an end on it too, earlier than you ever put something collectively.

In case your cabinets are pre-built, attempt to take away as a lot of {hardware} as attainable (handles and hinges). It’s a lot simpler to place the {hardware} again on than to attempt to clear it later.

If you happen to take the {hardware} off, quantity every bit, then additionally put that very same quantity on the wooden the place the {hardware} sits – ensuring it’s inconspicuous.

It would help if you also took away the doorways and drawer fronts earlier than you start staining kitchen cabinets, for those who can, so you may lay them flat. Once more, for those who take away hinges, and so forth., achieve this and quantity so it will not present in your completed product.

The benefit of getting a merchandise mendacity flat when you are staining kitchen cabinets is that the stain and end will not run throughout and create a glance you don’t need – sloppy. Who desires to place various work, time, and energy into staining kitchen cabinets?

Do you find the finished product looks sloppy and completely unprofessional?

Learning how to stain kitchen cabinets means ending a pretty look stain job {and professional} and says what you are doing to the world. It would help if you had your cabinets to seem like you paid a fortune, even for those who did not.

Step #2 – Look Your Items Over and Sand If Essential

When you first stain a kitchen cabinet, look at the items you need to stain. Must they be sanded first? Most probably, they already file effectively, and you may sand out small scuff marks, which resulted from dealing with them or putting in the cabinets.

Use high-quality grit sandpaper, 150, 220, and even increased. As soon as you start staining kitchen cabinets, any marks you have missed in sanding will soar out at you.

You possibly can all the time sand out marks and scuffs after you have stained your kitchen cabinets; however, that takes extra time and vitality, so attempt to do a great job of sanding initially.

Step #3 – Setting Up Space The place You Will Be Staining Kitchen cabinets – Bear in mind Security First!

It’s an excellent suggestion to stain gadgets on noticed horses when you have them, or on any sturdy desk or bench that’s about waist excessive. As you learn to stain kitchen cabinets, you may glad you used a drop fabric or cardboard in your ground or on any space that you don’t need stain.

It would help if you utilized lacquer thinner or acetone to wipe up paint, but it indeed does not all the time work (like you may nearly by no means get the stain out of garments). Additionally, lacquer thinner or acetone would possibly soften or damage what the color is sitting on.

If you don’t have lacquer or acetone thinner, use nail polish remover. It has acetone in it. Do not inhale the fumes of such merchandise, or get them in your palms.

You will additionally mask off any components of the cabinets you don’t need stained, such as the interiors.

Put on garments and footwear; you do not thoughts getting soiled and a full physique apron.

You must also put on latex or rubber gloves and security glasses if you find yourself staining kitchen cabinets. These precautions will not be just for if you find yourself studying how to spoil your kitchen cabinets; however, they are mandatory even for those who turn into skilled. Safely is of the utmost significance.


Carrying a mud mask will not do any good in opposition to fumes. Solely put on a mud mask if you’re within the sanding course.

You’ll both must spend money on a respirator face masks to your security, or guarantee that you’re in an incredibly effectively-ventilated space, resembling your storage with doorways broad open, or each.

Fumes from the chemical substances used when you are staining your kitchen cabinets are extraordinarily harmful, not solely to breathe in; however, if concentrated sufficient, they’ll trigger an explosion. And, do not be fooled by water-based merchandise.

They can provide off fumes and unsafe odors as effectively. Every product’s hazard stage is different, however error on the facet of warning. Figuring out learn how to stain kitchen cabinets means figuring out know how to do it safely.

Step #4 – Making use of The Stain

As soon as the place you will be staining kitchen cabinets and having yourself and your space ready, open your stain can and stir effectively. That can’t overstate sufficiently.

When they can sit for any size of time, the paint will separate, and sediment (color) will sit on the can’s backside. If you don’t stir effectively, the stain you utilize from the highest can be a lot lighter than the color you find yourself using on the backside of the can (and on the finish of your undertaking).

These outcomes won’t look right. The belongings you stain first can be a lot lighter than the final items you stain.

To use the stain, one of the many best instruments to use our last carpet remnants. Lower them into roughly Four x Three-inch rectangles.

Dip one finish of the carpet into your stain, then rub the mat onto your wooden. It does not matter for those who go together with the grain or in opposition to the grain at this level; you need to be sure you cowl all surfaces.

If you’re doing intricate work, resembling doorways with groves or raised panels, you’ll want to get stain into corners. Over staining at this level is a good suggestion because the surplus can wipe off. That is the place the drop garments and carrying an apron come in useful; thus, it will possibly get reasonably!!

After you’ve smeared the stain on your cut, take a look to make sure you haven’t missed the point. Areas generally overlooked in studying learn how to stain your kitchen cabinets embody: grooves, door edges, drawer edges, or any corners – like the place the raised panel corners meet the door body.

Step # 5 – Blemishes – An Indispensable Multi-Step To Make Sure Your Work Looks Good

As you might be first studying staining kitchen cabinets, I recommend you wipe the stain off instantly. Most cans of paint recommend leaving the dye to sit for 10 minutes, then wiping off the surplus. I’ve discovered that this doesn’t usually change the color, so why wait?

Additionally, if you’re staining kitchen cabinets that are already put in or already constructed, and you’ll lay items flat, your stain will run throughout for those who let it sit for any size of time. It would be best to wipe it up as quickly as attainable.

For you, a darker piece of wooden, buy a darker stain color. The one time that ready to wipe the extra stain off will indeed darken your work considerably is for those who can let it sit for over 30 minutes.

That is a false darkening, and the issue with it’s that your stain usually is so dry by then that it is tough to take away smudges and wipe off the piece correctly.

The color finally ends up sitting on high of the wooden, not soaking in. Use your judgment. If you happen to resolve to attend the 10 minutes, do it on each piece to ensure consistency.

Wiping the surplus stain off in itself is a two-step course.

First, prepare some cotton cloth for you to use. Put material in each hand. By no means contact your wooden with naked or gloved palms alone after it has a stain, as it’ll go away a smudge mark.

Wipe off the majority of the surplus strain. At this level, it does not matter if you’re going with the grain or not; you need to get the massive spots of color wiped up.

The second step is an ending kind step in staining kitchen cabinets. Take one other clear rag—return over your piece of wooden, this time with the grain. The second rag takes extra stain off, stopping smudge marks. The largest enemy in staining is leaving smudge marks.

Following these two steps and never being afraid to use rags as wanted will be sure that you do not go away from any smudges. Look your piece over. When you have left any smears, wipe off gently and mix the color with your cotton rag.

Step #6 – The Remaining Step In Staining – Set Your Items Apart To Dry

Now that you’ve got discovered, learn how to stain kitchen cabinets, set your items apart to dry (or allow them to hold there if they already put in).

You possibly can lay your piece on a flat floor if just one facet is stained. In case your work has several sides which stain, you may apply it flat on one thing that permits for air circulation to the again, resembling noticed horses, or for those who do sufficient staining, buy a knowledgeable staining rack.

One caveat: the place the seen horses or frame contact the stained piece, smudge marks could also live. Earlier than you end a chunk that has dried on such tools, you might want to touch up that facet.

You can too lean your piece in opposition to a wall to dry. When your stain is drying, it’s best to let air get to as many sides that you’ve got stained as attainable. It is also okay to let followers run within the space where you might be drying your piece.

That helps it to dry quicker and does not harm the top result; nevertheless, by no means lets followers run on a chunk that you’ve got put end.

How lengthy your piece has to dry will depend on what kind of stain you might be utilizing. Learn the label and act accordingly.


Bear in mind to hold your rags to dry, making specific air motion around them as effectively. Too many instances, bunched collectively moist staining rags have precipitated a tragic explosion leading to hearth and even loss of life. Please watch out!!

You Now Prepare For The Subsequent Step – Ending

Congratulations!!! You’ve discovered they learn how to stain kitchen cabinets and have accomplished your staining undertaking!

After your items are utterly dry, you might be prepared for the subsequent step – placing an excellent, clear end in your very stained kitchen cabinets!

And keep in mind – HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!!